Black Light Body Painting Take 2


If you haven’t read the first blog, I would highly suggest taking a few moments to read through what NOT to do, before reading what to actually do. You can find that blog here!

Now that I have a failed attempt underneath my belt, I knew a little bit more about what not to do. There’s a lot that goes into body painting, and I definitely took a week to figure out what I wanted to do and how I could improve.

First thing I figured out?

Templates. This is a must. If you want a crisp and clear edge, you’re only going to get that with a template. So I took some clear contact paper and just cut out a few basic shapes to start with.


You might recognize these sheets as the old projector paper (if you went to school in the 90s). As always when you’re painting, use a reference photo while you’re doing this.


I’ve seen black light bodypainting done a lot of ways. Some people black out the entire body first, as I did in my first attempt, others just paint the UV light directly on the body. From what I’ve found, painting directly on the body works the best.

I also like to put down a foundation layer of white, just so that I have a template while I’m working. This blocks out the general form, and gives my eyes a rest from the black light before it starts.


Congrats you have an idea of what you want to do! Now grab your UV paint and start going for it. I cannot stress enough that your painting MUST be done with a black light turned on and directed towards the model. If you can paint in the dark that’s even better. UV paint does not look the same with the light on.


For painting tips, don’t limit yourself to just the airbrush. Yes it’s awesome, and yes you’re going to want to use it. But the textures you can get with a sponge or your fingers are just as incredible and break up the painting as you go. Use your imagination, you never know what kind of texture you’ll find all around you.


Don’t over paint.

Once you feel as though it’s about completed, it’s time to set everything up for the photos! I didn’t add enough to the top of the shoulders here.


Quick behind the scenes shot…

And then in the end you get something like this.


Any questions feel free to post ’em!

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