About me

My name is Emma, I’m an artist living in a small rural community in Maine. My family has always been artistic, my father graduated from the Maine College of Art and my mother has always been interested in photography. I tended to be more of the child that liked to get my hands dirty and was constantly exploring a new type of art. Sculpting, painting, mold making, anything that was new and exciting.

How I started

When I was little, I used to write stories. I loved the process of making worlds and characters. But I found I could never finish a story. At that point I realized, writing isn’t for me. So maybe I wanted to show other people the stories. By high school I started dabbling in short films, and I actually then went to college with film in mind. But the more I was on a film set, the less I actually wanted to be there.

So that left me in an odd place. If I didn’t want to write, but I wanted to tell stories and create characters, what did I want to do?

Then I realized it. I wanted to make the characters, not just write about them or film them. I wanted to be the driving force behind making the characters and bringing them to life.

Where I learned

I started with simple things, premade latex masks and taking theater make up courses at my college. All while continuing to get a degree in New Media at the University of Maine Orono. However, in Maine there are little to no resources for those that are interested in prosthetics. Therefore, much of my knowledge comes from online resources such as The Stan Winston School. Other people in this industry are incredibly helpful at answering questions as well. What I have found is that the sfx makeup community is one that is upbeat, kind, and generous.


October 2014- Makeup for Town of Terror, Pittson ME

August 2014: Interned for “Hands off my Bottom” Campaign